From Capitalism to Civilization: Reconstructing the Socialist Perspective

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Samir Amin

April 2010

xii+ 189 pages
ISBN: 978-81-89487-64-5
Rs. 300

The history of ‘actually existing’ capitalism is one of the conquest and submission of Asia, Africa and Latin America to the imperialist rule of Europe, the United States and Japan. The twentieth century witnessed the first wave of liberation of nations of the South, and the 21st century will see the emergence of a second wave of emancipation of these countries, which will change the face of the world. The simultaneous anti-imperialist dimension of the struggles in these nations will pose a challenge to capitalism. Decisive advances towards socialism in the 21st century will create the basis for a revival of internationalism among working classes peoples of the world, as against the cosmopolitanism of the oligarchies who currently manage capitalist-imperialist globalization.

Samir Amin, born in 1931, is a reputed author of numerous books. He had been an active and committed intellectual associated with liberation movements of Asia and Africa during the Bandung era (1955-80), and is currently Director of the Third World Forum and Chairperson of the World Forum for Alternatives.


“As far as a theoretical exposition and an analytical treatise on the political economy of the planet go, Samir Amin’s From Capitalism to Civilization is remarkably concise.

The reason why this book rises way above the pedantic is the sheer sweep, scope and dimension of Amin’s vision….This reviewer is surely echoing the desires of many other others by saying that we eagerly await Samir Amin’s analysis of the global economic crisis that acquired a spectacular dimension with the collapse of the Wall Street conglomerates in mid-September 2008, when the consequences of the greed and venality of a few spread like contagion, adversely impacting the lives of the underprivileged across the world.”

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Biblio, July-August 2010