Economics and Environment Studies

Book Title/ Author Price Rs.

Agrarian Studies 2: Financial Liberalization and Rural Credit in India

ed. by V.K. Ramachandran & Madhura Swaminathan

Rs. 625Hb

Capital and Labor Redefined: India and the Third World Amiya Kumar Bagchi Rs. 575Hb

Capture and Exclude: Developing Economies and the Poor in Global Finance

ed. by Amiya Kumar Bagchi & Gary A. Dymski

Rs. 625Hb
The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? Joel Kovel Rs. 475Hb

Helping People Help Themselves:

From the World Bank to an Alternative Philosophy of Development Assistance

David Ellerman

with Foreword by Albert O. Hirschman

Rs. 625Hb

Islam and Mammon:

The Economic Predicaments of Islamism

Timur Kuran

Rs. 395Hb

Land Labour and Rights: 10 Daniel Thorner Memorial Lectures

ed. by Alice Thorner

Rs. 525Hb
The New Development Economics:

After the Washington Consensus

ed. by Jomo K.S. and Ben Fine

Rs. 400

The Origins of Development Economics: How Schools of Economic Thought Have Addressed Development ed. by Jomo KS & Erik S Reinert Rs. 280

The Pioneers of Development Economics:

Great Economists on Development

ed. by Jomo K.S.

Rs 335

Questioning Globalized Militarism:

Nuclear and Military Production and Critical Economic Theory
Peter Custers

Rs. 695Hb

Work and Well-being in the Age of Finance: Muttukadu Papers I

ed. Jayati Ghosh & C.P Chandrasekhar

Rs. 850Hb
Workers Unions and Global Capitalism

Rohini Hensman

Rs. 825Hb
Capitalism, Colonialism and Globalization: Studies in Economic Change

Shireen Moosvi

Rs. 275