Masks of Empire

ed. by Achin Vinayak, Foreword by Tariq Ali

xii + 296 pages
9.5 x 6.25 inches
ISBN: 81-89487-22-1
Rs 595
For sale in India and South Asia only

Masks of Empire assembles a series of important critiques of the new US imperialism by some of the finest minds working in contemporary political and social theory. It aims for the first time anywhere to delineate, analyse and evaluate the legitimizing discourses of the imperial agenda of the United States. By uncovering the economic conditions as well as the ideological façade of the neoliberal US regime, it exposes the various ways through which the United States seeks to extend its hegemony. Further, it suggests how one can morally and practically address the real problems behind the smokescreen created by this empire project.