Masks of Empire
“The Civilizing Mission. The White Man’s Burden. And, through much of the twentieth century, saving the world from communism. Imperialism has always needed ideological masks to claim high purpose for its crimes of conquest. This book brings together brilliant studies that dissect the new masks – the elaborate new ideological pronouncement – that seek to justify globalized militarism in the service of a new kind of post-Soviet, global empire that the United States has confected at the dawn of the twenty-first century.”
-Aijaz Ahmed
“Masks of Empire is a major contribution to the world-wide struggles against neoliberalism and contemporary forms of US imperialism. Scholars and activists from a number of countries – Walden Bello, Susan George, Zia Mian, Mike Marqusee and many others – have analysed the preconditions and ideological dimensions of today’s neoliberal and pro-US cultural hegemony. The editor, Achin Vanaik, adds an important introduction and summing-up. Altogether a most valuable volume.”
-Sumit Sarkar
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