From Capitalism to Civilization: Samir Amin

“As far as a theoretical exposition and an analytical treatise on the political economy of the planet go, Samir Amin’s From Capitalism to Civilization is remarkably concise.

The reason why this book rises way above the pedantic is the sheer sweep, scope and dimension of Amin’s vision….This reviewer is surely echoing the desires of many other others by saying that we eagerly await Samir Amin’s analysis of the global economic crisis that acquired a spectacular dimension with the collapse of the Wall Street conglomerates in mid-September 2008, when the consequences of the greed and venality of a few spread like contagion, adversely impacting the lives of the underprivileged across the world.”

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Biblio, July-August 2010
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