Reviews-Helping People Help Themselves

Helping People Help Themselves:

From the World Bank to an Alternative Philosophy of Development Assistance

“A towering achievement. It outdoes Sen and Hirschman in its reach across economics, management theory, psychology, sociology, mathematics and philosophy. The result is a coherent alternative ‘way of seeing’ the relationship between aid organizations based in rich countries and aid recipients based in poorer ones, and some practical suggestions on how to reengage the aid agencies more as ‘helpers’ than as ‘doers’. Along the way it fairly sizzles with insider insights into the workings of the World
Robert Hunter Wade, London School of Economics, author of Governing the Market
“Ellerman provides a compelling humanist understanding of how economic development aid can succeed, if only people and nations are enabled to help themselves.”

-William Greider, author of One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism
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